Woman is moved to find stray dog sleeping in manger of Nativity scene, helps find her a home

It isn’t Christmas without a Nativity scene. For many people, the image of Jesus’ birthplace in a manger is an inspiring reminder of what the holiday is all about.

But it seems that animals are also drawn to Nativity scenes. Sometimes people find unexpected visitors in their mangers where Jesus should be. But just like Mary and Joseph, they’re just looking for a place to stay.

Nádia Rosângela, from Brazil, took her husband and two-year-old son to visit the local Nativity scene.

There was no baby Jesus figure yet, which is traditionally put out on Christmas Eve. But to the family’s surprise, there was someone sleeping in the manger.

A stray dog!

Nádia Rosângela

It was a beautiful image—the dog sound asleep curled up in the manger, with figures of Mary and Joseph watching over her.

Nádia was moved by the unexpected scene.

“I was surprised. It was so beautiful!” Nádia told The Dodo. “Such a lovely and pure scene.”

“He was asleep the whole time,” she told Cidade Verde. “Other people arrived, took pictures, admired themselves, kept talking and he was in a wonderful sleep.” Throughout all the attention, the dog kept sound asleep.

Nádia Rosângela

Nádia couldn’t take the dog in herself—she already had a lot of pets at home—but still wanted to help. She took photos of the dog and posted them on social media.

Soon, a friend of hers took in the stray, ensuring that the lonely dog would never spend a night looking for warmth and shelter again.

“I feel happy and at peace knowing she’s safe,” Nádia told The Dodo. “I love animals very much, and wish the same for all of them.”

Nádia Rosângela

It’s a Christmas miracle — and a true reminder of what this season is all about.

“A very beautiful image, especially for those who are Christians,” Nádia told Cidade Verde.

“I was thrilled and imagined how Jesus Christ is present in so many things, in so many creatures, in so many beings. For me, that puppy was Jesus making himself present.”

What a wonderful story. We’re so glad this beautiful dog has a home. Share this story to spread some joy this Christmas!