Homeless dog is desperate for warmth, curls up with Baby Jesus in nativity scene

On a cold winter’s day, a homeless German Shepherd puppy was desperately searching for somewhere to sleep.

The little puppy was all alone in the world, and all he wanted was a safe and warm place to spend the night.

Where he eventually laid down to rest would provide quite a shock for the residents of Santa Catarin, Brazil.


The puppy found a Nativity scene and curled up right next to Baby Jesus in his manger. The warm spot must have felt like a miracle to this poor puppy who was all alone in the world.

The next morning, residents were shocked when they saw the tiny puppy lying next to Baby Jesus in his manger.

A crowd of people gathered around the German Shepherd. He saw that he had an audience but wasn’t about to move from his perfect sleeping spot.

The onlookers had to take a few pictures of this puppy so at peace curled up in the manger, clinging onto the warmth of his surroundings.

The photos hit the internet by storm and have been returning every year around the holiday season; the images tell the perfect Christmas story.

The residents of Santa Catarin did their best not to disturb the homeless pup; they didn’t try and chase him away. They showed compassion to this needy animal.

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