Woman finds frozen blue creature in the bush – soon discovers the beauty she has rescued

Recently, an icy and blue little creature was found shivering under a bush in New York Harbor.

It soon turned out to be an extraordinary peacock in dire need of help.

When an employee at Hewlett Harbour Village Hall first saw the bird, she immediately understood that it was in danger – especially since a rough storm was about to sweep through the city.

The employee decided to call the local animal rescuer Karenlynn Stracher for assistance. Catching a peacock isn’t the easiest task, as despite their large size, they can actually fly.


However, the employee and Karenlynn were prepared to do whatever it took to get the bird to safety. As it turned out, this time, it was actually easier than the two had thought, and she caught the bird on her first attempt.

“When I first caught sight of the bird, it was under a large, dense group of bushes with only one way in and out,” Stracher told The Dodo.

“I knew by looking that I had a very good chance of making a solo grab if I acted quickly and decided to give it a try. It worked, and within a moment or two, I was crawling out from under the bushes, peacock safely secured in my arms.”


At the moment, no one can say for certain where the peacock came from. But the rescuers quickly understood that they needed to find a solution for the poor bird.

It couldn’t be released into the wild, as the North American landscape is not suitable for its needs and survival –the peacock originally inhabited the western Indian peninsula and Sri Lanka.

But regardless, the future looks bright for the poor bird, who will now be introduced to a new, loving family. Peafowls likes to live in small groups, often consisting of one male and three to five females.

Luckily, Stracher happened to know a nearby bird specialist who coincidentally owned a peahen in search of a companion.

“After a vet check and a quarantine period, they have been introduced,” Stracher said. “It appears to be love!”