Woman finds ‘forgotten’ creature tied to a tree

Suddenly, a passerby noticed a creature tied up beside the road.

The driver stopped and got out to check on the animal.

That was fortunate.

Earlier this year, this little dog, later named Ladybird, was found by a passerby speeding down a Kentucky roadway. Someone had tied the poor pup to a tree, not far from the local animal shelter.

“She was just so stoic sitting there by the tree, waiting for someone to notice her,” Kim Desroches of Friends of Lewis County Animals told The Dodo.


The driver never hesitated. When the good samatarian alerted the animal shelter, they immediately went out and picked up the puppy.

“So thankful that the shelter found her and took her in. She was found not far from the shelter, actually.”

Overcrowded shelter

However, this was not without its challenges. A large public shelter wasn’t the most suitable environment for the tiny and delicate puppy, her, but she needed a safe haven.

Despite the overcrowding at the shelter, the staff knew they had to find a way to accommodate the rescued puppy. With determination and creativity, they rearranged existing arrangements and made room for Ladybird, ensuring she had a safe and comfortable place to stay until she could find her forever home.


Fortunately, there were volunteers who had made the decision to help Ladybird out of her difficult situation.

“As soon as I saw her post, I started asking if any of my volunteers could foster her,” Kim Desroches said.

“A shelter is not really an ideal place for a puppy due to any number of illnesses they can catch. One of the girls stepped up and took her out.”

Just 6-7 weeks old

Ladybird, estimated to be around 6 to 7 weeks old, left her rescuers astonished.

The idea that someone would abandon her, tied up on the roadside, was incomprehensible. How she ended up there remained a mystery, but the most important thing was that she was finally safe.

“She was a little scared and unsure when picked up by the shelter,” Desroches said.

“Once she settled in, she was very much a happy, playful puppy.”

So, what would become of little Ladybird? Well, she spent some time in foster care before her rescuers managed to secure her a spot with the Licking County Humane Society.

There, Ladybird was flourishing. Then, on February 1st, the organization joyfully announced that she had been adopted into her forever home.

Mr. Baker, a kind-hearted man, chose to welcome her into his family, where she will hopefully receive all the love and care she deserves!

This heartwarming tale serves as a reminder of the power of compassion and the importance of speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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