Woman faces down bobcat to save her Chihuahua’s life: ‘Don’t mess with my little baby’

Our pets are like family, and many people will do anything to protect them — even if it means putting themselves in harm’s way.

That was the case for one woman, who faced down a wild animal to save her little dog’s life.

Christina LaRock, from Vermont, is the loving owner of a rescue Chihuahua named Tiny. Recently, she jumped into action when Tiny almost became a bigger animal’s meal.

While they were out on a walk, the Chihuahua was attacked by a bobcat, who was intent on making the dog its prey, biting straight through his harness.


“The cat came around the corner and just latched onto him,” Christina recalled to NECN. “He kind of tore right through the fabric with his teeth.”

But Christina wasn’t about to let the big cat get away with her little dog. She jumped into protective mode, fighting off the wild animal.

“I just gave him a good old left hand upside the head and I think it stunned him enough that he took off,” she said. “Don’t mess with my little baby Tiny!”


While she put herself in harm’s way for the sake of her dog, thankfully both made it out safe and sound after she scared the bobcat away. “I was able to scare it off and me and my dog are ok,” Christina wrote on Facebook.

Local wildlife experts told NECN that bobcat attacks like this are rare, though it was clear the animal saw the dog as prey. Paul Brown of Vermont Fish & Wildlife said that bobcats “pose very little threat to human health or safety.”


But there are clearly exceptions, and Christina says it’s best for pet owners to stay on guard while out with their pets.

“Just be cautious,” Christina told NECN. “You never know what’s going to come.”

It’s always inspiring to see people step up to protect their dogs. Thank you to Christina for protecting her sweet little Chihuahua — we’re so glad they’re both safe!

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