Woman didn’t want another dog — until she happened to find her dog’s ‘twin’ and adopted him immediately

Sometimes it can be hard for rescue dogs to find the right home… but sometimes fate intervenes and they stumble upon just the right person at just the right time.

That was the case for one woman, who had no intention of taking in any more pets—but one look at this dog and she knew it was just meant to be.

Bethany Coleman, from Boston, loves animals, but when her boyfriend wanted to adopt another dog, she was opposed to the idea, as they had a lot of pets in their home already: two cats and a puppy named Rogue.

“I was not about to add one more animal to the mix,” she told Bored Panda. “Who in the right mind would ever let us rent an apartment from them?”

But in 2018, Bethany went to the local farmer’s market with Rogue, and everything changed.

Last Hope K9 Rescue was there with some of their adoptable dogs looking for a home. Even though she wasn’t looking for a new pet, one of them immediately caught Bethany’s attention.

It was a dog named Beast, and like Rogue he was a cairn terrier mix. As the two started playing together, it was like they were related.

“He was Rogue’s twin!” Bethany said. “They also got along and immediately started playing with one another.”

She was convinced that they were meant to be brothers… and immediately started filing the paperwork for adoption.

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Missing fall 🍁🍁🍁

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She brought Beast home, and the two have been inseparable. While they sometimes fight over toys, they’re definitely best friends.

“They love chasing squirrels, into cosplay and celebrating each other’s birthdays,” Bethany wrote on the dogs’ joint Instagram account.

Bethany told Bored Panda that “it took about a month for everyone, including the cats, to find their groove,” but despite her reservations about having so many pets in their apartment, things seem to have worked out well.

The whole family recently relocated from Boston to Honolulu, where the pets have plenty of room to play (and surf!) in the sunny weather.

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#repost – Day 6: Friday the finale…we hope – 30 minuets to the airport from hotel – 2 humans that probably should’ve been 4 to get everything done – 2 dog kennels to build – 3 hrs, arrive at airport before flight – 1 amazing Alaskan agent – 1 alarm slept through 5:10 am we wake up! Mad scrambled to pack us, the dogs, the cats (oh new hotel didn’t allow pets & we need to hide the evidence) & make it to the airport…we got this! Of course Psycho pees himself before leaving the hotel parking lot. Of course there’s rush hour traffic at 5:30 am. Of course the ticket said terminal 2 when we needed to go to terminal 1. Of course after I drop everything off including pets & Tyson on the sidewalk Psycho tips over his crate that was stacked on top of the other pets causing him to be completely covered in his piss. Of course the signs for the rental car return are super tiny & cause me to go the wrong way 3 times. Of course I didn’t see the sky walk to get to Tyson & I try to cross an uncrossable street & have a fleeting thought of jumping the fence. Of course I have to almost steal another flyers flat trolley. Of course by the time we get to the counter with everything the first person told us we were to late & wouldn’t make the flight. Of course after we manage to get all pets inspected we were told we needed something in the bottom of the dogs kennels which I had initially planned on but Psycho may have sprinkled some pee so I threw them away outside of our gate & then made Tyson trash pick them & bring them back. Of course Psycho won’t stop screeching at the top of his lungs! Of course because Psycho is coming on the plane with us instead in the cargo area & is still a little damp I have to carry him through security under his arms fully extended front of me. Of course I have to get my hands swabbed from TSA & I’ve now just carried my pee covered cat I test positive & the alarm goes off that it tests positive for explosives. Of course we are the last people on the plane. Of course Psycho smells like a litter box for the entire 5.5 hr flight #hawaiiorbust

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Sometimes pets just come into our lives at the perfect moment. Thank you to this family for opening their hearts to another dog! It’s clear that it was meant to be.

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