Woman arrested after starving dog found locked in kennel and thrown in trash

The lengths that some cruel individuals will take to be rid of an animal that has been entrusted to them is staggering, not to mention heartbreaking.

Cases of animals being dumped in such a way that they have no hope of survival, no way of finding food or shelter, is one of the cruelest ways you can abandon your animal.

In a recent case where a woman locked her dog in a kennel and then put him in a dumpster has caused outrage among animal lovers across the nation.

The emaciated dog, later named Bowie, was found locked in a kennel in the dumpster, police said.

Bowie has left the building! He’s on his way to his foster and we are SO thankful to everyone who made this possible! πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€

Posted by Wichita Animal Action League on Monday, January 13, 2020

He is thought to be about two years old and weighs just over 20 pounds, half the weight a dog of his size should be. He was also covered in sores from sitting down without any fat or muscle to cushion his bones, KAKE-TV reported.

The Wichita Animal Action League received the starving dog and after a number of health checks and treatment he was taken to a foster home.

A Wichita woman was arrested after Bowie was found and booked on one count of animal cruelty and an outstanding warrant, police spokesman Charley Davidson said.

<3 Bowie update <3 Today we delivered the goodies you've all sent to Bowie & his foster mom. He got a mid-morning…

Posted by Wichita Animal Action League on Wednesday, January 15, 2020

I really hope the person responsible for doing this to Bowie is stopped from ever owning an animal again.

Please share to wish Bowie a happy and healthy future.