Video captures sweet reunion between man and his lost dog in the snow

It’s always heartbreaking when a pet goes missing, especially around the holidays. Last month, one family was left devastated when their dog ran off just days before Christmas.

But thankfully, he was soon located — and their beautiful reunion in the snow was captured in a heartwarming video.

According to SWNS, a man named Roger Jacobs was left devastated when his 7-year-old dog Salty ran off from home, sneaking out the gate just days before Christmas.

“It made the Christmas holiday a little less bright,” Roger’s daughter Becky Anderson told SWNS. “We spent day and night driving around looking for her, tried tracking her footprints in the snow. We initially believed she was chasing deer and then disappeared.”

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The family continued searching, but days passed with no sign of Salty. They began to fear for the worst: the dog had been exposed to sub-zero temperatures for a week, and they were unsure if she could’ve survived. Becky described her dad as “gut shot” by the loss.

But then, a miracle happened. Becky received a call from family friend Bill Lepley, who said he possibly saw Salty across the Yellowstone River.

The family went to the scene — and instantly recognized their old friend.


“When we pulled up, we all three barrelled out of the car jumping up and down,” Becky told SWNS. “With one look, we knew it was her.”

Roger was especially excited. Video caught a moment straight out of a movie: he and Salty run to each other across the snowy plane, finally embracing as they reunite.

“You can see him tuck his phone back in his pocket, put his gloves on, and fall down to his knees with tears of joy,” Becky says.

Watch the heartwarming reunion below:

According to Becky, Salty had a wound on her leg and some wear and tear on her paws, and had lost about ten pounds. But otherwise, she was unharmed and happy to be home after the scary ordeal.

“Feet are cold, one good gash on her leg and a little skinny but otherwise healthy and happy as can be!” Becky wrote on Facebook. “Thank you so much to all who have been on the lookout and all who have sent good wishes of finding her!”

We’re so glad Salty is back home safe and sound. What a sweet reunion — it’s clear this owner truly loves his dog, and they missed each other a lot.

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