Vet finds a horse with its legs chained together and works to set him free

Vet finds a horse with its legs chained together and works to set him free

So many animals spend their lives struggling at the hands of human cruelty. Wild creatures are kept locked in chains, never knowing freedom.

But luckily, there are some kind people who will not hesitate to free a suffering animal. Like one vet, who worked to help a tied-up horse… and when he was done, the animal showed his gratitude.

In parts of Romania, it is a common practice to join a wild horse’s legs together with chains to keep them from running away.


But a vet named Ovidiu Rosu, part of rescue group FOUR PAWS International, wouldn’t allow this to continue.

In Letea, Ovidiu got to work carefully removing the chains from the legs of a wild horse.

“Ovidiu Rosu saw a horse in chains and had to release it from its misery,” FOUR PAWS wrote in a YouTube video.


It wasn’t an easy job, nor was it a pretty sight: the video shows just painful these chains can be, leaving wounds on the horse’s legs.

The horse laid on the ground as Ovidiu carefully removed the chains. But soon, they helped the horse up and he was back on his feet.


Finally able to walk on all four legs for the first time in who knows how long, the horse seemed to immediately understand what the vet had done.

And as a show of gratitude, the horse came face to face with Ovidiu and kissed him:


The inspiring rescue has gone viral with nearly 14 million views on YouTube.

Watch the video below:

Thank you to this vet for setting this poor horse free! We hope all horses are rescued from this inhumane practice and freed from their chains!

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