UPS driver makes friends with all the pit bulls on his route

It’s a commonly accepted fact that dogs and delivery people are mortal enemies. It’s also commonly believed that pit bulls are an especially vicious dog breed.

But in reality, they’re both just stereotypes. Many delivery people get along great with the pets on their routes, and pit bulls can often be the most loving and gentle dogs.

And one UPS driver’s adorable friendships with his local pitties shows just how wrong the stereotypes can be.

Scott Hodges has been a UPS driver for over 30 years, so he’s met a lot of pets along the way—and he’s loved them all.

Facebook/Scott Hodges

Hodges loves animals and always stops to meet the pets on his route. He’s become a bit of a celebrity online, posting photos with the dogs in his UPS uniform.

He meets all kinds of animals, including goats and llamas. But he has a special soft spot for a dog breed many people fear: the pit bull.

“I know most, but not all, of the pitties by name,” Hodges told The Dodo. “All the pitties on my route are friendly and I give them biscuits every time I see them.”

Facebook/Scott Hodges

These dogs have always been sweet to Hodges, and will often run up to the door of his truck knowing he will provide some treats.

While he loves all the dogs on his route, he has a special personal connection to the pit bulls: he used to have one of his own named Sheba, but she died in 2004, according to The Dodo.

But while his own pet is gone, he still gets plenty of love from the dogs on his route:

Facebook/Scott Hodges

You can follow Scott’s Facebook group for more photos of him & his favorite dogs!

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