Dog-loving UPS driver always stops to take a photo with the pets on his route

Dogs and delivery people have aren’t known to get along particularly well. It’s true that sometimes our pets tend to get a little yappy at the mailman thinking he’s an intruder, or chase away the FedEx truck down the block.

But sometimes, dogs and delivery men get along very well, proving that their rivalry might be a bit of a stereotype.

In fact one UPS driver loves pets, and has made it his mission to take a photo with everyone he meets. And, based on the photos, they love him right back.

That driver is Jason Hardesty, known on Instagram as @jhardesty, who describes himself as “a very easily entertained UPS driver.”

One of the ways Jason entertains himself on the job is taking selfies with animals in New Orleans.

His Instagram is now filled with dozens and dozens of these dog pics. These happy dogs challenge the presumption that dogs hate UPS drivers:

Although maybe the cats do… or maybe they’re just grumpy in general:

Occasionally he’ll take a pic with a different animal:

But it’s clear that his biggest fans are dogs of all shapes and sizes.

It’s wonderful to look at these pictures and see the pure joy these dogs give Jason, and the dogs clearly love the attention too.

Let’s hope he keeps up this great photo series and finds even more pets to photograph!

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