Update: Woman reunites with dog abandoned at Burger King without her permission

An uplifting update to a story we reported on earlier this week: King, the dog found abandoned outside a Burger King with a note attached, has reunited with his owner thanks to the help of an animal shelter.

The owner had been struggling financially, and her dog was abandoned without her permission.

King made headlines recently after he was found outside a Burger King in Monee, IL, a suburb of Chicago, with a note paperclipped to his collar:

“Hi I’m King,” the note read. “I’m a good boy. Love to hug & kiss.”

May be an image of text that says 'I'm King Im good Boy Love to tug ६ Kiss Birmday July 22-2018'
Facebook/South Suburban Humane Society

It was clear that the dog had been left there by someone intentionally… but the note didn’t tell the whole story.

The Monee Police Department shared the story online, saying it “broke our hearts” and attempted to locate the dog’s owner. They added that King was a good boy who “really does love to hug and kiss.”

King was taken to the South Suburban Humane Society, and soon the owner came forward, revealing that this was no simple case of dog abandonment.

The owner told the South Suburban Humane Society that she had suffered a “major medical event,” was living with family and “trying to get back on her feet.”

It turned out it was a family member who abandoned King at the fast food restaurant, without her permission.

May be an image of dog
Facebook/South Suburban Humane Society

It also became clear that the owner loved her dog a lot: King was happy and well taken care of, and the owner had brought along all his food, toys and treats.

So, SSHS offered a plan to reunite the woman and her dog: a staff member would take care of King while the owner looked for a new place to live.

Now, in a new update, SSHS reported that the owner has since been able to find temporary living arrangements in a place where she can bring her dog!

Video shows the heartwarming moment the two were reunited for good. King is so excited to see his owner, and she is overjoyed: “I’ve missed you too!”

“We were overjoyed to reunite them today!” SSHS wrote. “She knows that we are here for a lifetime of support.”

The shelter also set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for their housing, which has raised over $11,000.

It’s a heartwarming story of an animal shelter doing the right thing to keep a dog and his owner together despite unfortunate circumstances.

“Every single day, every one of us has a choice to choose empathy and kindness,” they wrote last week.

We were heartbroken to see King abandoned like that, so it’s amazing to see him back with his loving owner! Thank you to SSHS for making this happen!

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