Two puppies were abandoned in the cold and rain — then a deputy arrived to save the day

It’s truly heartbreaking to think that anyone would abandon innocent puppies, but thankfully there are also kind people in the world who will step up and care for these discarded animals.

That was the case recently, when one deputy rescued a pair of pups abandoned in the cold and rain.

On Tuesday, Deputy Andrew Rechsteiner of the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office was alerted to two puppies who were abandoned on the side of the road.

Arriving on the scene, he found the two discarded pups huddling up in a vineyard, according to the department, trying to shelter from the cold, rainy weather and the busy roadway nearby.

Deputy Rechsteiner arrived and brought them to the safety of his patrol car, wrapping them with towels to keep them warm. He then transported them to Fresno Humane Animal Services for care.

Adorable photos posted by the department show the precious pups wrapped up in their towels, and being held by Deputy Rechsteiner.

The deputy was praised as a hero for rescuing the abandoned puppies. “Thank you to whoever alerted the sheriff’s dept & Thank you to the officer who rescued these sweet babies!” one comment on the Facebook post reads.

“The more stories I read like this the more I like my dogs more than humans,” another wrote. “How can anyone do this to any fur babies? It’s just cruel.”

“This Deputy is a real hero,” they added. “Thank you for rescuing these two.”

According to the sheriff’s department, people can reach out to Fresno Humane Animal Services to inquire about adopting the puppies.

It’s unimaginable that anyone would abandon these adorable puppies, but we’re so glad they are safe and sound now! Thank you to this deputy for responding and getting them nice and warm — we hope they will find homes soon!

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