“Gentle giant” dog found tied to bench, waiting for someone to come get him — now he’s getting a second chance

It’s truly heartbreaking how some people treat animals. We’ve seen too many stories of pets who were treated poorly and abandoned like trash.

That was the case for one “gentle giant” dog who was found tied to a bench in terrible condition — but now he’s getting a great new start.

In November, a big pit bull mix was found all alone, tied up to a park bench. According to a post from the Los Angeles-based nonprofit 15/10 Foundation, the dog was in terrible shape, “crusty from head to toe” with skin and eye infections.

Officers from the Austin Humane Society arrived on the scene to help the abandoned dog. Despite the heartbreak he had been through, the dog — now named “Gordough” — was a happy and peaceful dog.

“Gordough is kind of like one of those reclining Happy Buddha statues came to life,” Austin Humane Society staff said, according to the Facebook post. “This Zen master is an inspiration to couch potatoes everywhere.”

At 115 pounds, Gordough was quite a big dog, but he was described as a “gentle giant.” After being taken in he quickly became a favorite of AHS staff. “He’s been called a ham, a love bug, and a squishable couch potato,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

Gordough received treatments for his skin condition, and the 15/10 Foundation pledged to cover his medical expenses. AHS said the 4-year-old dog was eager for a new start.

Thankfully, the sweet dog soon got good news: he was taken in by a loving foster family, and after falling in love with Gordough they made plans to adopt him!

On January 18, the 15/10 Foundation announced that Gordough had been officially adopted.

It’s heartbreaking that anyone would abandon and tie up a sweet dog like Gordough, but we’re glad he’s made such an inspiring recovery and has a great new home! ❤️

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