Tiny 10-pound dog chases away coyote to save his brother

Dogs are such incredible and loyal animals. They’ll often go out of their way to protect their loved ones, even when the odds are against them.

That was the case for one tiny little dog, who proved to be a hero after facing down a wild coyote to save his brother’s life.

Vinny, an 11-year-old Maltese rescue, weighs just ten pounds and only has three teeth, but don’t let his size fool you — Vinny has “always been a scrapper,” according to his owners.


“The first day we brought him home, I went and I pet him and he started growling at me,” owner David Mascaluso of Mission Viejo, California told KTLA.

Vinny’s feistiness came in handy recently, after the little dog stepped up to save the day when his puppy brother Harley was in danger.

According to CBS Los Angeles, a few weeks ago the owners accidentally left their doggy door open. Harley heard a noise and ran into the backyard — where he ran into two wild coyotes, who caught him by the neck.

Hearing Harley’s cries, Vinny leapt into action, running into the yard and chasing off the coyotes. Despite his size and age, Vinny proved to be very intimidating.

“He just chased them I think he had a low-level growl that shocked the coyote,” Macaluso told CBS.


“You know, a little 10 pound, three tooth dog…and 11 years old chased off a 60-pound coyote,” he told KTLA. “So, it’s pretty amazing. He did a great job. He’s our little hero.”  

Harley suffered some lacerations from the coyote bites, and it’s clear that Vinny stepped in to help just in time, but thankfully the dog is recovering nicely.

And it’s all thanks to hero dog Vinny. The Macalusos say they would reward him with a steak but he only has three teeth, so they’re looking to get a cape for their “superhero” dog.


“Vinny’s a superhero,” Macaluso told CBS Los Angeles. “He’s always been a scrapper. He’s just not afraid of anything.”

The owners say they will make sure to keep their doggy door closed for now on, and hopes the story inspires people to be extra vigilant with their pets.

Great job, Vinny! You’re a true hero! It’s a story that truly shows that sometimes the bravest heroes come in the smallest packages.

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