Terrified old dog always stood in the corner of shelter — but smiles when he meets his new mom

Terrified old dog always stood in the corner of shelter — but smiles when he meets his new mom

Life can be hard for a dog in a shelter, and some have more difficulty adjusting than others.

It was especially hard for one old dog, who hid in his corner terrified of the shelter. But no one gave up on him, or his dream of finding a forever home.

A few years ago the Gloucester-Matthews Humane Society, in Virginia, took in a 12-year-old dog named Jack. The shelter says he ended up there “through no fault of his own,” and like many senior dogs had a hard time adjusting to his new surroundings.

But Jack was especially terrified to be in the shelter. He would stand and face the corner of the room anytime someone came near him:

**ADOPTED!!** (near) RICHMOND, VA: We know you can't see his face, but 12 year old Jack is depressed and scared. And his…

Posted by Susie's Senior Dogs on Friday, October 23, 2015

“Most dogs adjust slightly over time, and while they would still rather be anywhere else, they learn to trust staff and volunteers and open up,” the Humane Society wrote.

But Jack was an exception. He did not appear to be abused, and was a little more active when outside, but he still seemed terrified.

“We work with him each day, sitting with him and talking to him, but he is one depressed and lonely boy,” the shelter wrote. “It breaks my heart to think he may have lived with his loneliness for his whole life.”

The old dog also suffered from a few medical issues, including pre-renal kidney disease and bad hips.

Despite everything, the shelter was still determined to find Jack a home. They knew he deserved a home to spend his final years in, with people who would show him the kindness and love he needed.

“We would very much like to see his remaining time surrounded by love, compassion, and never-ending snuggles.”

Jacks’ heartbreaking story went viral after a post was shared by Susie’s Senior Dogs.

Then, a miracle happened: many people reached out, looking to give this lonely old dog a home!

And one candidate stood out: a woman who came in with her own dog and immediately won Jack over.

“Jack warmed to them both right away and we swear he was smiling when he left!” Gloucester-Matthews Humane Society wrote.

Congrats to Jack on finding a great new forever home! We know you’ll be happy for the rest of your life, surrounded by family who loves you.

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