Sweet memorial dog late dog named Ryley inspires people to play ball: “Enjoy each and every day you have together”

It’s heartbreaking when a beloved pet dog passes away, but there are special things you can do to keep their memory alive, and pay it forward to other dogs and their owners.

When a dog named Ryley passed away last month, her owners set up a very touching memorial, which led to a heartwarming day at the beach for one man.

TikTok user @sans.tv shared the story of how he was inspired by a stranger’s late dog during a trip to the beach.

He found a memorial that had been set up for a deceased dog named Ryley. According to the sign, Ryley passed away on May 23; she was nearly 13 years old.


But in their grief, the owners decided to keep Ryley’s memory alive and do something kind for fellow dog owners. They put a box of the late dog’s tennis balls, encouraging owners to take one “in her memory.”

The sign encourages dog owners to enjoy some playtime together while they still can: “Enjoy each and every day you have together!” the sign reads.

@sans.tv was moved by the memorial, and decided to take part in Ryley’s memory. He took one of the balls, and began playing with his parents’ dog Miley on the beach.

Then, a stranger’s dog ran up to him, wanting to play too. He started playing a beachside game of catch with the stranger’s dog.


When their game was through, he decided to pass it on to the dog’s owner. “Her owner tried to give the ball back to me, I said ‘It’s not ours. It was Riley’s, now it’s your guys.””

People on TikTok were very touched by the story. “Riley’s memory continues as long as people keep laying with their [toys],” one comment reads.

“I think Riley would have loved this,” another wrote.

“I think so too, @sans.tv replied. “Wish we could find her family to show them how much love Ryley is spreading.”

The idea of setting up a beachside ball stand has taken off recently as a way of honoring late dogs: we’ve seen other cases everywhere from Rhode Island to Australia.

What a sweet way to honor. your late dog and make a special moment for people and their dogs. Always cherish playtime with your pets while you can ❤️🥹

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