Sweet Chihuahua gets a big party for her 15th birthday, is overjoyed when she sees her special cake

Sweet Chihuahua gets a big party for her 15th birthday, is overjoyed when she sees her special cake

Not everyone celebrates their dog’s birthday, but it can be a fun, sweet way to celebrate your beloved pet.

It can be especially meaningful as our cats and dogs get older in age — once they hit their teens, birthdays become milestones worth celebrating, as those are the “twilight years” for pets.

Recently, one sweet viral photo showed the heartwarming lengths one dog owner went to celebrate her pet’s 15th birthday — and how much her little dog appreciated the gesture.

Tracy Nguyen is the owner of a sweet little Chihuahua named Daisy:

Tracy loves her dog — and as Daisy’s 15th birthday approached, she knew she had to do something special to celebrate.

The occasion was notable for several reasons: at 15, Daisy has reached the average life expectancy for her breed. For senior dogs, every birthday is worth celebrating — you never know when it might be the last, and every moment is precious.

But also, a 15th birthday is a big milestone in Mexican culture: a quinceañera is a special coming-of-age rite-of-passage for Mexican girls. And as a Chihuahua — a breed originating in Mexico — Daisy was entitled to her own big day.

“We knew that we wanted to throw her a big quinceañera,” Tracy told The Dodo. “To celebrate her amazing life and as a nod to her roots!”

So when Daisy’s 15th birthday arrived, Tracy went all-out, putting up decorations, inviting guests and putting up a piñata.

They even got Daisy her own quinceañera and her own tiara:

But what really made the party one to remember was the very special cake they got for Daisy.

The cake was decorated in her likeness, topped with a beautifully designed, edible Chihuahua head that looks just like Daisy.

A priceless photo of Daisy posting next to her cake, smiling and proud, has gone viral online, warming hearts all across the internet:

“She looks so elegant and so happy and that little paw on the table I’m gonna cry!” one Twitter user replied.

Others responded by sharing photos of their own dogs on their birthdays:

But few dogs get the kind of elaborate birthday bash that Daisy got.

While it was a lot of effort for a dog’s party, it’s clear that Daisy understood it was all for her and appreciated the sweet gesture.

“When we brought out the cake for her special moment, her eyes welled up with tears and she was so happy,” Tracy told The Dodo.

“We could all tell that she could feel the love.”

Happy birthday, Daisy! You can follow this sweet Chihuahua on Instagram for more adorable pics.

What an adorable party. It’s so sweet that this owner went all-out to give her little dog such a special day — we know Daisy appreciated the love!

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