Stray dog sneaks into 15th birthday photoshoot and absolutely steals the show

The ‘fiesta de quince años’ is celebrated throughout the Americas to mark a girl’s 15th birthday, known as quinceañera, which highlights the moment a girl transitions into womanhood.

The celebration is a family affair filled with food, dancing and of course a beautiful dress worn by the girl who is considered independent and able to make her own decisions at this age.

In Cuba it has become quite the opulent affair and when one girl was in the midst of her celebrations she was joined by an uninvited guest who turned out to be the star of the show.

Olivia was enjoying her special day with a photo session outside on the beautiful streets of Matanzas, in Cuba, when a stray dog approached her and decided to get in on the action.

Despite wearing a beautiful new dress for the occasion Olivia didn’t mind the stray hound when he climbed onto her lap and sat down. He was so happy to finally get some attention.

Olivia’s beaming face posing with her new gentle friend was posted on Facebook and quickly went viral attracting thousands of comments of congratulations and love for these two.

An initiative to combat the growing number of stray dogs in Cuba resulted in many homeless hounds getting their own ID badge with information about them and if they enjoy being petted or not.

Los quince de pronto fueron de Firulais. Veníamos pasando, tensos por la sesión de quince, por los horarios, el sol,…

Posted by Néster Núñez on Wednesday, February 19, 2020

This has helped find some of them new homes and out of the hands of dogcatchers but there is still an issue.

Let’s hope these adorable images lead to a new home for this gorgeous dog. Please share.