Subaru promotes last-to-adopt shelter dogs in commercials and encourages people to adopt

There are so many animals in shelters looking for their forever homes, dreaming that someone will see them and take them home.

And sometimes these pets need a little help promoting themselves—especially the ones with differences that might make them “less adoptable.” Older and disabled dogs deserve love, and sometimes people just need to hear how good these dogs really are.

Which is why it’s always inspiring when companies use their influence to help get the word out about these dogs. Like one car company, who, in honor of “Make a Dog’s Day” on October 22, has been promoting adoption and showcasing shelter dogs in need.

The campaign comes from car manufacturer Subaru, who in recent commercials has been spotlighting “Underdogs,” adoptable dogs who get passed over due to physical differences and special needs.

“These incredible Underdogs may be the last ones to be adopted, but they’ll definitely be the first ones into your heart,” Subaru wrote.

“They are often undervalued, but they always overdeliver on hugs, cuddles and snuggles.”

Dogs like Roadie, who uses a wheelchair but doesn’t “need one to get into your heart.”

Or Pogo, who walks around on three legs due to an amputation, but can still do all the fun things other dogs can.

In addition, Subaru has partnered with shelters across the country, and will donate $100 for every animal adopted in October.

This is the second time Subaru has held a promotion for Make a Dog’s Day. They first held it last October, and it’s clearly becoming an annual tradition.

And in a way, it’s more relevant than ever: during the ongoing pandemic, more and more people have been adopting shelter pets, wanting the companionship of a pet while staying inside.

So it’s important to remind people to “adopt, don’t shop,” and to not overlook the older and differently-abled dogs who need homes.

In addition to showcasing the dogs, Subaru has been sharing success stories from people who have adopted their own “Underdogs.”

For National #MakeADogsDay on October 22nd, consider adopting a hard-to-adopt dog or do something special for your dog.(📸🗣️: Vincenzo Landino)

Posted by Subaru of America, Inc. on Tuesday, October 13, 2020

What a great idea! Thank you to Subaru for promoting these dogs! We hope so many pets are adopted this month!

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