Stray dog tracks down the man who was kind to her— now he’s trying to help his new friend get adopted

Sometimes a little kindness goes a long way: when you are kind to a dog in need, they’ll always remember it and love you forever.

Like one stray dog, who tracked down a stranger who was kind to her and began a beautiful friendship.

Mohd Ridhuan, from Malaysia, loves animals, so when he saw a pack of hungry dogs hanging out on the beach, he took a chance and helped them.

“I tried to approach them, and I took a risk because they might chase me,” Mohd told The Dodo. “Surprisingly, they didn’t. Their tails wiggled when they saw me.”

One dog especially loved Mohd’s kindness: a dog named Sally.

Mohd visited the dogs many times after that, bringing them food.

But when he didn’t show up one day, Sally, apparently concerned for her new best friend, decided to track him down.

And she did: she found him at the convenience store where he worked.

Once she tracked down her new friend, she wouldn’t leave, so Mohd now lets her hang out at the store all day while he’s there.

As close as the two have gotten, Mohd sadly cannot adopt Sally officially, because he is not allowed to have pets in his apartment… which leads to some very emotional goodbyes at the end of his shift.

“She always makes a sad face every time I go home,” Mohd said. “She’s clingy, cheerful and protective.”

Still, Mohd knew that Sally was safer nearby than back at the beach. He made arrangements so she could stay at a restaurant next door when he’s not around, or to wait for him at the store.

He also says he has kept her from getting into the road. Every day, Sally is thrilled to see Mohd return for to the store:

While he’s looking after Sally as best as he can, he knows that the stray dog will need a forever home, and says that he is trying to get her adopted by sharing their story on Twitter.

“The first time I posted about animals, especially dogs, I received a lot of compliments and harsh comments,” he told The Dodo. “I don’t care about it — I just look at the good side and continue doing what I’m doing.”

What a beautiful friendship. Thank you to Mohd for looking after this stray dog, we hope she’s able to find a forever home soon!

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