Stray dog recovering after being shot with arrows

Stray dog recovering after being shot with arrows

It never ceases to shock us how cruel some people can be to dogs. Stray dogs, out on the street fending for themselves, are often targets for the worst kind of abuse.

Like one poor dog, who was reportedly shot with an arrow by some unknown assailant. Luckily, the dog is now recovering — and the search is on for the perpetrator.

According to the Courier of Montgomery County, local authorities discovered a stray dog, a 5-year-old pit bull/Labrador retriever mix, who was wounded with arrows lodged in his abdomen.

Facebook/Aaron Johnson

The dog had been suffering his arrow wounds for days before being found, but luckily was still alive. Montgomery County Animal Shelter, where vets treated his wounds and managed his pain.

They named the dog “Zorro,” and just like the crime fighter he’s named after, this dog narrowly escaped a brush with death.

“It definitely could have killed him. There’s no doubt about that,” shelter director Aaron Johnson told the Courier, explaining that a deeper wound would have punctured the vital organs.

Facebook/Aaron Johnson

Despite the terrible ordeal, Zorro has been recovering. He has received antibiotic and laser therapies, and is in good spirits, described as a “sweet dog.”

“He has been doing well, resting most of the day,” Aaron Johnson wrote on Facebook.

“We will be continuing with his pain management, antibiotic therapy and laser therapy. He just has to rest and recover.”

Facebook/Aaron Johnson

Hopefully, Zorro will recover soon and find a good home. But meanwhile, police are searching for the person who shot him with arrows.

Police say that animal cruelty is an early sign of serious criminal tendencies.

“There is statistics that prove that anybody that can do this to an animal is five times more likely to commit the same crime against a human being,” Greg Thomas with the Precinct 2 Constables Office told KHOU 11. “Serial killers, they start with this type of crime.”

Johnson said that someone has even offered a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

This poor dog. We’re wishing him a speedy recovery! No animal should have to experience such cruelty.

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