Kangaroo is found lying in pain with an arrow in its shoulder, prompting outrage in Australia

Wild animals deserve to be treated with respect and compassion, but sadly there are many cases of people being heartbreakingly cruel to wildlife.

One recent situation has left animal lovers in Australia outraged, as several kangaroos have been struck by arrows by locals, leaving them to die in pain.

On Friday, Liz Miller of Wildcare Australia was contacted by the RSPCA about an eastern grey kangaroo found on a golf course in Kooralbyn.

The kangaroo had an arrow in its shoulder, and was laying in agony. β€œIt was really very obvious he was in immense pain, and it made me very angry,” Liz told Yahoo News Australia.

🚨 CALL FOR INFORMATION: Kangaroos shot with arrows 🚨 RSPCA Qld has received several call outs in recent months in…

Posted by RSPCA QLD on Monday, September 14, 2020

The poor kangaroo was sedated and brought to a veterinarian to have the arrow removed.

Luckily the animal survived… but other kangaroos haven’t been so lucky. This is just the latest in a recent spike in cruel kangaroo shootings.

Just ten days earlier, two kangaroos were found shot with a bow and arrow, orphaning a five-month-old joey.

This kangaroo was believed to have been shot by an amateur from the suburbs. Experienced hunters aim to kill their targets as quickly and painlessly as possible, but this person left the kangaroo to bleed out, sentencing it to an agonizing death if it hadn’t been found.

β€œThey tend to be shot in the leg or just somewhere where it’s going to linger and then the wound festers,” Michael Beatty of RSPCA Queensland told Yahoo. β€œEventually they die from blood poisoning or infection.”


Cases like this have become heartbreakingly common, coinciding with a loss of habitat that has pushed more kangaroos to the suburbs.

β€œIt makes me very, very angry,” Wildlife Care WA volunteer Lyn Manuel told 7News.

β€œI’m disappointed to think there are people out there that have no conscience, no remorse and would go out and inflict pain in such a cowardly way on such an innocent creature.”

But the culprits could face punishment. The Queensland RSPCA has put out a call for information about the case. According to 7News, the culprit faces a $50,000 fine for the crime.

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