Stray dog given loving home but never forgets his friends on the streets

Dogs not only give us unconditional love and are faithful to the end but can also teach us a thing or two, especially when it comes to compassion.

When Suelen Schaumloeffel from Brazil adopted a street dog called Lana she saved it from a life of misery and loneliness.

Lana was taken off the streets in the middle of winter and I’m sure so thankful that she finally had somewhere warm to sleep.

But what Suelen didn’t know is that her rescued pup would never forget her fellow street dogs that didn’t have the luxuries she had.

Safe and loved

Lana has finally got the safe and loving home where she would no longer want for anything.

But years of sleeping outside were not immediately wiped from her memory.

One evening when Lana was enjoying the warmth of her new home on her very own blanket, she spotted a street dog through the family’s fence in their back yard and knew this dog needed help.

This big-hearted hound then grabbed her own blanket from inside, dragged it outside with her teeth and pushed it through the fence for her fellow pooch to share.

Suelen captured the moving moment and posted the photo on Facebook describing how her dog had reminded her of some very important traits we should all live by.

“Lucky for us that we have these special beings to shake us from time to time”, Suelen wrote on her Facebook page.

She added that us humans often see someone in need but ignore it and ignoring it doesn’t eliminate the problem but “gives the false feeling that this problem doesn’t exist.

Around 49,000 people reacted to the image on her Facebook page and when you see it you’ll understand why.

This is a clear example that we have a lot to learn from animals. They are much smarter than we think and many times have a bigger heart than us humans.

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