South Korean president suggests ban on eating dog meat: ‘Hasn’t the time come?’

It’s hard to believe that anyone would want to eat a dog, but the dog meat trade continues in many parts of the world, despite widespread outrage over the practice.

Dogs sold for their meat are often strays or pet stolen from their homes, and they’re kept in cramped cages until they’re cooked.

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In South Korea, dog meat consumption is a cultural practice that dates back centuries, but it has increasingly fallen out of favor with more and more citizens speaking out against this animal cruelty.

And recently, the opposition to the dog meat trade got some high-profile support, after the president of South Korea indicated support for a possible ban on dog consumption.

According to The Guardian, President Moon Jae-in raised the possibility of a ban during a weekly meeting: “Hasn’t the time come to prudently consider prohibiting dog meat consumption?” he reportedly asked prime minister Kim Boo-kyum.

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The president’s proposition reflects a widespread cultural shift against dog meat consumption in the country. Younger generations of South Koreans see the practice as taboo, as more and more citizens have dogs as pets.

“A growing number of South Koreans are considering the consumption of dog meat as a matter of animal abuse rather than tradition,” Jeon Jin-kyung, head of the Korea Animal Rights Advocates, told Korean Times.

But despite declining popularity, an estimated one million dogs are still eaten in the country every year, according to The Guardian.

Moon Jae-in is known to be a big fan of dogs, although this is the first time he’s ever proposed a full ban, according to BBC.


South Korea has a complicated legal history when it comes to dog meat. A 2018 ruling said that killing dogs for meat was illegal, but there are no laws against the actual consumption of dog meat.

But a full ban would likely be met mostly with support in the country. According to BBC, 84% of South Koreans say they have never had dog meat nor intend to, and 59% say they support a ban.

While no law has been enacted yet, Moon Jae-in’s comments have ignited hope among animal lovers that the days of eating dog meat in South Korea could be numbered.

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