Soccer star Hope Solo grieving after someone shot her beloved dog

It’s always painful to experience the death of a beloved pet… but it’s even worse when it happens in such a sudden and senseless way.

Hope Solo, the former star goalkeeper of the US women’s soccer team, is grieving for her dog after he was found shot by an unknown person.

Solo had purchased her 60-acre property so her dogs would have plenty of space to roam, including her doberman Conan.

On May 14, she revealed some shocking news on her Instagram: Conan had been shot in the leg while out exploring the grounds.

“It’s hard news to share, but harder to make sense of this heinous act,” Solo wrote on Instagram. “Jerramy and I are shocked and heartbroken.”

While in her initial post Solo remained hopeful—Conan was receiving good emergency care, and she hoped he could receive a prosthetic leg—things took a turn for the worst.

On May 16, Solo announced that Conan had died due to blood loss.

“He fought up until the very end,” she wrote on Instagram. “We’re crushed. Just a dog running through the woods, trying to make his way home.”

It isn’t clear who could’ve done this or whether there is an investigation underway, but the soccer star is left shocked that anyone would do this to her dog.

“As animal lovers we are struggling to make sense of anyone using their right to own guns to shoot pets of any kind,” she wrote. “We have had pets come onto our property and always helped them get home safe.‬”

Rest in peace, Conan. Our hearts are with Hope Solo at this difficult time. We hope the person who shot this poor dog is found and held accountable. Share this story!