Snowmobilers come to the rescue after finding freezing puppies fighting for survival

Snowmobilers come to the rescue after finding freezing puppies fighting for survival

Sometimes life just puts you in the right place at the right time. That was the case for one couple, who happened to stumble upon three puppies who had nearly frozen to death.

Corey Holt and Kat Perry, from West Haven, Utah, were snowmobiling on Monte Cristo in Weber County. But out in the snowy mountain wilderness, they caught an unexpected sight: a family of Great Pyrenees dogs fighting for survival.

It was a mother dog and three puppies. Apparently the mother had been in charge of a flock of sheep over the summer and had gotten left behind while giving birth to her litter.

The mother dog had been fighting to keep her babies alive. They had eaten one of the sheep, and the resourceful mother kept the puppies warm by making the remains into a makeshift shelter.

“They were living in a sheep carcass,” Kat Perry told FOX 13. “She had found a dead sheep and they had eaten, there was nothing left, just a little bit of wool and a few big bones.”

Even so, the puppies were barely surviving in the freezing cold.

“The pups were cold, shivering and wet and just a little ball of ice.”

Naturally, they wanted to help the dogs, but the mother was protective and wary of the human strangers.

“We tried to get close but we had no food to tempt her,” Kat wrote on Facebook. “She was having no part of us.”

Unable to do anything, they left the mountain but returned prepared the next day. With the help of Weber County Search and Rescue, they arrived with a sleigh and a crate to get the dogs off the mountain to safety.

Unfortunately, the mother dog still wouldn’t go. Despite their efforts catching her proved impossible, and they had to make the difficult decision of saving the puppies even if it meant leaving the mother behind.

“Everything just fell right into place except for rescuing the mom,” Kat told FOX 13.

They returned to the area the next day to get the mother, but she couldn’t be found. Searches continued, but it isn’t clear if they or anyone found the mother dog.

But the important thing is that the puppies were safe—they would’ve almost surely died on the mountain at some point, and now they were safe and could be put in good forever homes.

And Corey & Kat decided to keep one of the adorable puppies for themselves, naming him Polar.

Thank you to these two heroes for saving these puppies! We can only hope the mother dog is doing okay, but she’d be happy to know her babies are safe in good new homes.

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