Snowmobilers see a black dot in the snow, then they notice that it’s moving

Watching and being alert to your surroundings can save lives.

Jonathan and his friends found this out when they were snowmobiling in Newfoundland, Canada.

Suddenly, in the midst of the snowy landscape, they saw something coming out of the snow. And when they approached, they realized that an emergency rescue operation was necessary.

Jonathan and his friends were riding their snowmobiles to take a look around after a heavy snowfall in Newfoundland, Canada. But, what was initially a quiet and fun day out in nature would soon turn into something completely different.

Far out in a field, they spotted a black dot in the snow — then they noticed it was moving.

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They decided to get closer to the black dot, and when they arrived they saw something they had never seen before.

An elk was stuck in the snow, weak and exhausted. It was unable to get up on its own.

moose rescue
Credit: YouTube

Grabbed their shovels

Fortunately, Jonathan realized that they all carried shovels on their snowmobiles in case they got stuck. Without hesitation they started to dig, all to save the poor moose.

The snow was heavy and the moose had no chance of getting out on its own. While they worked hard to move all of the snow, the moose lay still and looked as if it knew it was being rescued.

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After many heavy shovels of snow were moved away from the animal, they were finally able to see the whole moose. With the snow out of the way, the moose was able to get up and free itself.

After it was finally free, the moose stopped a few feet away and looked back at Jonathan and his friends as if to say “thank you”.

Credit: YouTube

In moments, the beautiful scenery had turned into a rescue operation. And people like Jonathan and his friends, who did everything to help the trapped moose, are real heroes.

Although fascinated by the beautiful creature, Jonathan said that they were careful to keep their distance. Not only because moose can hurt people with their immense size and strength, but to respect the wildlife.

“You’re in their home when you’re traveling in the backcountry, so we don’t want to add to that,” Jonathan later told The Guardian.

Watch the rescue in the video below:

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