Senior dog who spent 1,134 days in shelter finally finds a forever home

Senior dog who spent 1,134 days in shelter finally finds a forever home

All shelter dogs dream of one day getting adopted, but sadly some have to wait a long time before finding their forever home.

Some dogs wait months or even years waiting for the right home, spending their lives in kennels and watching as all the other dogs find homes.

Like one good dog, who waited so long he became his shelter’s longest-term resident. But at last, he’s found the happy ending he deserves.

Meet Capone, a black lab who has spent the past three years at Animal Friends in Pittsburgh.

Capone arrived at the shelter in November 2017, and his rescuers quickly got to work finding him a home.

However, it wasn’t easy. Capone had some stress and anxiety issues that made it difficult to find him the perfect home. While the staff trained him with positive reinforcement and found him to be a good, happy dog, they realized he would need to be in a quiet, adult-only home.

“Capone is a great dog, but like everyone he has some issues,” said Jasmine from Animal Friends.

Happy National Black Dog Day from Capone and all of the black dogs who are waiting to find homes! Sadly, black dogs are…

Posted by Animal Friends on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Capone was also a senior dog, and older pets tend to not get adopted as easily in shelters.

The rescue also thought Capone’s appearance might have something to do with it.

“Sadly, black dogs are often overlooked in shelters and have to wait longer for loving families to come and meet them,” they wrote on National Black Dog Day.

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Posted by Animal Friends on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Still, they knew there was a family out there who would love Capone just the way he is.

“Capone is a wonderful older Labrador Retriever mix with a zest for life! He is incredibly smart and can be extremely playful when he wants to be,” Animal Friends wrote.

Years passed, and after three years Capone became the longest-term resident in the shelter. It seemed like he would never find a home.

But on December 11, Animal Friends announced incredible news: after 1,134 days in the shelter, Capone was finally adopted!

According to CBS Pittsburgh, the couple had been fostering Capone for several weeks before deciding to make it official.

Animal Friends says that the old dog “transformed” in his new home, and is enjoying his new life.

Congrats, Capone! We’re so glad this good dog finally got adopted after so long, and will spend the rest of his life in a happy home.

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