Senior dog waited 700 days in the shelter — finally gets adopted by senior woman

It can be hard for some shelter dogs to find homes. Older dogs often have a particularly tough time, as they are often passed over in favor of younger pups.

That was the case for one senior dog, who waited in the shelter for over 700 days — until he finally found a kindred spirit.

In 2022, Austin Pets Alive! took in a senior dog named Beluga. Despite being a sweet, sensitive older dog, Beluga struggled to find a home.

The rescue wrote on Facebook that Beluga had age-related arthritis, neurological/musculoskeletal issues, and struggled with trust issues. He was originally found as a stray, and arrived at the shelter as a medical pull from Austin Animal Center.

Beluga’s past is unclear, but he has “some sort of old trauma” that left him with neck pain and a permanent head tilt. Austin Pets Alive! said he would do best in a slow-paced home with a “patient and understanding human.”

“We’re not sure what his history was but we know his future is bright with so many people in his corner!” the rescue wrote in June. “What Beluga needs most is to get out of the shelter and into the comfort of an adoptive or foster home.”

But it took a long time to find the perfect home for sweet Beluga. At 10 years old, he had waited over 700 days in the shelter.

However, his fortunes finally changed, thanks to the love of a fellow senior.

Jeanette, a 75-year-old retiree, was looking for some new companionship. She is a widow of 12 years, and recently lost her two pet senior dogs, according to APA!

Jeanette saw Beluga, and, undeterred by the senior dog’s medical needs, knew she could be the one to finally give him the home he needs.

“When I found out he had been in the shelter for more than two years—I wanted to get him out as soon as I could and make sure he never has to return,” Jeanette told Newsweek. “I needed a dog, and he needed a home so it seemed like a perfect fit.”

Jeanette took Beluga in as a foster, and later officially adopted him for good. She has renamed him “Velcro,” because he “follows her around 24/7.”

A viral video shows the two seniors playing together in the yard, and Velcro looks as happy as can be:

We’re so glad Beluga/Velcro finally has a home! So sweet to see seniors looking out for each other!

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