Man finds puppy abandoned in extreme heat – realizes the seriousness of the situation when he sees what’s behind

As our winter and summer temperatures get more extreme, they get more dangerous. The recent snow in the Midwest region meant being outside for any longer than ten minutes was considered deadly.

But this extreme winter for many parts of the nation followed the very hot summer of 2018. High temperatures posed a risk of heat stroke and dehydration. As humans we can be resourceful and ask for the help we need if we’re far away from home, but what about animals?

When a construction worker was out in dangerously high temperatures in Washington, he made a discovery that he had to act on quickly.

Sebastian Bushey, 28, a construction worker from Washington, was out driving in boiling summer temperatures in August last year, when he saw something he couldn’t ignore.

There –  in front of his vehicle – he saw a puppy, just off the road, according to the British Metro .

He had to stop his truck to help the poor creature which was out in the midday heat with no shade and struggling.

Photo: YouTube

But, when he went to call the puppy, something extraordinary happened.

Not just one puppy came – but six other puppies emerged from a small bush! The others had hidden next to the roadside, presumably to try and shelter from the oppressive sun.

Puppies were nervous

“The puppies seemed very timid and nervous to come towards me because the bush was the only shade they had around them,” Sebastian said, according to The Metro.

He didn’t know how they had got there and presumed they had been dumped, with no food, in excessive temperatures.

The animal hero gave them water and food and drove them to the nearest animal shelter.

They made a great recovery.

Thanks for your great work Sebastian! Without you, these adorable puppies might not be alive today.

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