Scared and hungry pit bull rescued off the streets after kids throw rocks at him

Buddha has endured a tough life living on the streets of Los Angeles, California.

Not only was he homeless fighting for scraps of food and water to drink but had suffered several injuries after kids had thrown rocks at him.

When animal heroes from Hope for Paws located him he was cowering behind a trash can unable to move with fear.

Eldad Hagar founder of Hope for Paws and his friend Jackie meet Buddha and with their expertise in stray and abused dogs, as well as their patience they began to earn the pit bull’s trust.


As they got closer to the cowering dog they noticed injuries on his shoulder where the rocks had been thrown at him.

After an hour of coaxing him with cheeseburgers and eventually getting close enough to pet his head they earned the scared dog’s trust enough to put a leash around his neck.


They lead him away from the trash cans where he was hiding and into their car. He sat in the front with Eldad and Jackie and rested his head on Eldad’s arm.

Thankfully, they recorded their experience with Buddha who is clearly so happy to finally get some love and attention.

The moment Buddha has been waiting for has arrived!!! A beautiful loving forever home, a happy ending, and another…

Posted by Hope For Paws on Thursday, June 12, 2014

Back at Hope for Paws headquarters Buddha seems much more relaxed and even makes friends with a cat.

The following month a forever home was found for Buddha and this sweet hound went from the scary and dangerous streets to a beautiful home complete with pool and mountain views.

‘A happy ending’

“The moment Buddha has been waiting for has arrived!!!” Hope for Paws posted on its Facebook page.

“A beautiful loving forever home, a happy ending, and another mission by Hope For Paws and Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue has been completed.”

Watching this sweet dog being rescued and seeing what a gentle giant he is makes you realize how much love these animals need and deserve.

I hope Buddha is very happy in his new home. Please share if you too loved seeing this sweet dog rescued from his sad life.