Rescuers save injured street dog after finding him hiding in room

All stray dogs deserve a second chance. Sometimes street dogs are found weak, injured and on the verge of giving up, but make an incredible recovery thanks to kind humans.

That was the case for one dog, who made an unbelievable transformation after rescuers helped him recover from a spinal injury.

Rescue group Animal Aid Unlimited, India found an injured street dog, who was found hiding in a store room. The poor dog was in rough shape, clearly weak with injuries and in need of saving.


“He was so sad,” Animal Aid Unlimited wrote. “And he couldn’t even walk.”

The stray was scared and alone, and had taken shelter in the room with nowhere else to go. But the responders soon made him know that he finally had help. They wrapped in a blanket to make him feel less scared.

With the dog unable to walk properly, the rescuers carried him out and brought him to get medical treatment.


While examining the stray, they realized he had suffered from spinal trauma, but thankfully did not have any broken bones.

After 10 days, he was getting better but still couldn’t walk well. But he received medical treatment, physical therapy and rest, and soon was looking like a whole new dog.


A month after his rescue, the dog, now named “Alby,” could finally walk correctly. Video shows him happily trotting around the yard, playing with other dogs and getting lots of love and attention from his rescuers.

Alby’s “amazing recovery” has now warmed hearts all across the internet, gaining nearly 2 million views on YouTube:

What an incredible transformation. Thank you to everyone who gave this poor street dog a second chance at life — we’re so glad Alby is happy and walking again!

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