Rescuers called to save 5 dogs – find 110 dogs living in ‘deplorable’ conditions

When animal welfare officers are alerted to abused animals they have no idea exactly what situation they may be faced with.

Many are subjected to upsetting scenes, aggressive animals who have suffered too many years of abuse not to mention hostile and aggressive owners.

Staff at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), one of the biggest animal welfare organizations in the world, receive thousands of calls every day from people reporting animal cruelty.

In the U.K. someone calls to report a case of animal abuse every 30 seconds.

In Queensland, Australia, officers were called out to a reported case of cruelty involving five bull terrier dogs but were shocked to find not five but 110 dogs in need.

Officers arrived at the address to find these dogs living in “deplorable” conditions.

“The conditions were appalling,” said RSPCA Qld Chief Inspector Daniel Young, who led the rescue operation “Many were in small cages with no enrichment and the newspaper they were lying on was soaked in urine.”

What officers thought was going to be a short rescue of five dogs turned into a 16-hour operation to rescue these dogs from this horrific puppy farm.

Officers noted how disturbing the sight of these dogs was saying: “One dog caught the attention of the Chief Inspector as it could not stand without her head touching the roof of her crate, then a dog adjacent to her had its tail sticking out the top of its crate.”

Seven inspectors, two staff and one volunteer were called to the farm to rescue the dogs. Rescuers then loaded the dogs onto a convoy of trailers and they were driven to different animal shelters to be checked over.

One RSPCA inspector drove for one and a half hours to help the rescue operation, according to RSPCA Queensland.

In “excessively hot conditions” staff worked to document the animals and load them onto air-conditioned crates.

Thankfully the dogs were treated and found new loving homes. A Facebook post 12 months after their rescue, documents a wonderful reunion where more than 50 “bull lovers,” inspectors and volunteers gathered to mark the milestone of this successful operation.

“It was a great day, very humbling to have people thank my guys for the work they do, but it was even better getting the opportunity to thank those who have taken these beautiful “GB’s” on and made them part of their family,” said RSPCA Chief Inspector Daniel Young.

“The members of the group have basically become part of an extended family and it was a huge success and terrific to have the RSPCA Inspectors who were involved in the raid attend and see how the dogs’ lives have changed for the better,” said organizer Leanne De Lamour.

One year on from the RSPCA Qld rescue of 110 Bull Terriers from squalid conditions, more than fifty bully lovers and…

Posted by RSPCA QLD on Sunday, December 1, 2019

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