Real-life 'Lassie' leads rescuers to injured owner who fell 70 feet in forest

Real-life ‘Lassie’ leads rescuers to injured owner who fell 70 feet in forest

Everyone remembers the classic TV show Lassie, about a heroic collie who always saves the day by alerting rescuers to people in need of saving.

But it turns out the show wasn’t too far from real life: in one recent incident, a border collie saved his owner after running to get help.

According to a Facebook post from the Nevada County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue, the SAR team was contacted by CalFire to assist in the search for a 53-year-old man who had fallen 70 feet, and suffered a broken hip and ribs.

Twenty-five searchers showed up on the scene to look for the man. But thankfully, they got a major assist from an unexpected hero.

The victim’s dog, a border collie, reportedly ran 200 yards through the forest, apparently looking for someone to help his owner.

Thankfully, he found two of the searchers, and led them back to the man’s location — “in true ‘LASSIE’ fashion,” NCSSAR wrote.

After finding the injured man, SAR members packaged him up and transported him to a landing zone, where he was flown by air ambulance to get medical help.

Meanwhile, his dog was taken in and given a “well deserved dinner.”

While many emergency responders assisted in this urgent rescue, the department gave “true credit” to the heroic border collie.

Thank you to everyone who helped save this man, especially his heroic and quick-thinking border collie! We all need a smart dog like this to help us when we need it!

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