Puppy mill survivor named the ‘world’s cutest rescue dog’ in contest

Too many animals live in the terrible conditions of “puppy mills.” These dog breeding facilities are notorious for prioritizing profit and fast production rather than caring for their animals, and many dogs rescued live with trauma and illness.

But one dog rescued from a puppy mill has overcome all the odds, winning a major honor and serving as an inspiration for other survivors.

Lamb Chop, a maltese, spent the first six years of her life in a puppy mill, forced to give birth to multiple litters of puppies and kept in terrible shape.

But her life turned around when she was rescued by Christin Shubert in 2014.

″When she was rescued, local vets had to remove all of her teeth because they were rotten,″ Christin told People. ″I couldn’t bring her home right away, because she had to have all of those surgeries.”

Lamb Chop the puppy mill survivor is a part of our Wisconsin team! Lamb Chop made it to the Top 10 for People…

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Like so many puppy mill survivors, Lamb Chop was traumatized: she was frightened, shy and unable to be left alone.

But with hard work and love, Christin was able to earn the dog’s trust, and soon Lamb Chop’s personality was shining through.

″She is still shy, but we’re working on that, and I think with treats and people’s patience, she will be anybody’s best friend,” Christin said.

Not only did Lamb Chop overcome her terrible beginnings, she became the face of survival and brought hope to other puppy mill dogs.

Lamb Chop and Christin became volunteers at a nonprofit called Bailing Out Benji, dedicated to shutting down puppy mills. Lamb Chop became the face of the cause.

″Lamb Chop is a supercute face to an ugly industry,″ Christin said.

Lambchop the puppy mill survivor has been named “World’s Cutest Rescue Dog”!! This sweet girl endured too many years…

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And recently Lamb Chop, now 12-years-old, became the winner of a huge honor.

She won the “World’s Cutest Rescue Dog Contest,” sponsored by People Magazine and Pedigree pet food. She competed with 10,000 submitted entries and made it to the finalists before being announced the winner.

According to People, she received a custom photoshoot and feature in the magazine, along with a year’s supply of Pedigree dog food and a $1,000 donation to a pet rescue organization of choice.

From puppy mill to puppy model! Lamb Chop lived her entire life in a puppy mill, breeding puppies to be sold to pet…

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But the biggest prize is getting to spread an important message: Christin hopes her dog’s story will inspire people to bring an end to puppy mills.

″I always tell people that I think she is super brave and resilient, given what she has gone through,″ she said. ″She has an amazing joy for life.”

“We always say that in order for puppy mills to close, the public needs to stop funding them through their purchases.”

Remember, “adopt, don’t shop!” While Lamb Chop’s story has a happy ending, there are still many dogs out there who need saving from terrible conditions.

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