Puppy friends hide together at playtime — and are found secretly holding hands

It’s important for dogs to make friends with other dogs. They need to develop socialization skills, plus it’s good for them to have playmates.

When one woman took her pet to meet some of her own kind, she was surprised by how quickly the dogs became pals… and uncovered a heartwarming bonding moment between them.

Emily Buchenberger is the owner of a four-month old golden retriever puppy named Billie. Last week she took Billie to a “puppy play hour” so she could play with other dogs.

About 15 puppies were set loose in a gymnasium, free to run around and play with each other without leashes.

While there were many different breeds, Billie formed a bond with her fellow golden retrievers.

“The goldens have similar play styles so they immediately clicked,” Emily told The Dodo, adding that the puppies “were attached to each other like glue.”

But she noticed something unusual about their play style: while the other dogs liked to run around the space, the golden puppies liked to hide under objects together: “They almost exclusively played with each other underneath the objects in secrecy,” Emily said.

What secrets were the dogs hiding? Well, someone lifted up a plastic box the puppies were meeting under, and discovered what they were doing:

Holding hands!


The puppies were all sitting in a circle holding their paws together. When they were unveiled, they dispersed, as if a deep secret had been exposed.

“You have interrupted their ritual of summoning the treat god,” one commenter on YouTube wrote. “They were summoning a ghost,” another speculated.

Whether they were secretly plotting something or just showing a little love for one another, they didn’t let the humans keep them from it for long.

“Soon after, they met back up underneath the bridge to secretly play,” Emily told The Dodo.

It’s amazing how puppies are able to make friends so quickly! Who knows what kind of mischief these pals will get into? Share this funny story!