Poor dog surrendered with handbag strap instead of leash just wants a new home

There are so many dogs who are rescued from poor conditions or found in terrible shape, and luckily there are people willing to help give them a new start and a chance at a better life.

That is the case for one poor surrendered dog who is now looking for his forever home.

Sidewalk Specials is a rescue from based in Cape Town, South Africa, who rescues dogs from abusive situations and off euthanasia lists.

Recently they did an outreach program to the town of De Doorns, where local dogs were in desperate need of help. The team removed fleas and ticks, donated food, and replaced chains with proper dog collars.

Any sick or in need dog from the area was welcome… and one owner brought their dog, Gigi, who was clearly in poor shape.


Gigi didn’t even have a proper collar—he was brought in using a handbag strap.

The two-year-old dog was suffering from mange and tick bite fever, as well as a fractured pelvis.

The owner agreed it would be best to surrender the dog to the rescue so he could get proper care and be rehomed.


Sidewalk Specials took Gigi in, and since then he’s been making a miraculous recovery: his pelvis has healed and his mange is under control.

Now, there’s only one hurdle left in his way: finding a forever home.

The rescue says that despite everything the dog has been through, it hasn’t hurt his happy personality.

“Happily it doesn’t stop him playing like a puppy,” Sidewalk Specials wrote. “He loves kids, other dogs, (cats unknown) and food, he really loves food!”

They will continue to cover the vet expenses until he is fully recovered.

Gigi is currently in Cape Town and still looking for a home!

If you can’t adopt you can still help by spreading the word! Hopefully just the right person will hear his story and give Gigi a home. Share this story!