Police respond after man tapes up his dogs and posts about it on Facebook

There are so many sick people out there, and it never ceases to shock us how cruel people can be towards innocent animals.

But it makes it even worse when they not only see nothing wrong with their actions but actually seem to brag about it. That was the case for one Wyoming man, who reportedly taped up his dogs and then posted the photos on Facebook.


The photos, brought to light by animal advocates, show two miserable dogs covered in red tape, apparently as a sick punishment for “being little devils.”

There are at least a dozen photos. The dog’s owner reportedly lives in Casper, Wyoming.

Outraged animal lovers got wind of the photos, and contacted local police.


According to Oil City News, the Casper Police Department was made aware of the incident and sent Animal Protection officers to investigate.

The dog owner was reportedly apologetic: “We evaluated the animals and spoke with him about the incident. He expressed extreme sympathy about the incident and spoke at length with officers about proper treatment of animals,” officials said.

“[The suspect] has no history of prior animal issues through our department and at the time of evaluation, the animals did not show any signs of abuse or neglect in their home.”

While they did not press charges at the time, the officers said they would continue to monitor the man for further cases of abuse. They also thanked the community for bringing the situation to light.

“The Casper Police Department Animal Protection Officers are passionate about the wellbeing of animals in our community,” Casper PD said. “We sincerely appreciate our community members bringing this situation to our attention.”

While the owner was apparently apologetic and no charges were brought, it’s still abuse, and you can see the distress on the dog’s faces.

It’s a reminder to stay vigilant to instances of cruelty on social media. Share this story!