Police officers find dog with zip tie around his snout — rescue leads to an inspiring happy ending

It’s unbelievable how cruel some people can be to innocent animals, but thankfully there are kind people in the world who will step up and give these animals the love and care they deserve.

Recently, a poor dog was found with a zip tie around his snout — and when he was rescued by police officers, it led to an inspiring happy ending.

On Friday February 9, officers from the South Bend Police Department, in Indiana, responded to a call about a dog with a zip tie around his snout.

According to a Facebook post, good samaritans had stopped to help but were unable to catch him. Bodycam footage shows the officers working to gain the dog’s trust so they could trap him and get him out of harm’s way.

South Bend Police Officer Stephanie Northcutt then held the dog down as a bystander cut the zip tie off, finally freeing the dog from the cruel trap.

Watch the rescue below:

The dog, now named Zeus, was taken in by South Bend Animal Resource Center, who said he did not suffer any long-term physical effects from his injuries, and that he was doing well.

If that wasn’t inspiring enough, there was more good news that makes this story even more special. The department announced that Zeus had been officially adopted… by none other than Officer Northcutt, the woman who had saved him.

According to a Facebook post, this is actually the second dog Officer Northcutt has adopted after a police rescue. She joked that the dispatch “should stop sending her to animal calls because she will soon run out of room at her house!”

In addition to adopting Zeus, Northcutt said she would be sponsoring two adoptions at SBARC “after seeing how deeply this story affected our community.”

It is still unknown who zip tied Zeus’ snout, but an investigation into the circumstances is ongoing.

What great news for this dog — in just a few days Zeus went from being cruelly ziptied to being adopted by the officer who saved him!

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