Police department hires a precious new recruit: Beko, the K9 therapy puppy

K9 dogs are an invaluable part of any police department. We’ve seen so many stories of them heroically rescuing missing people and assisting in the fight against crime.

But not all police dogs are used to chase down bad guys… some are better suited to bringing a little joy to their communities.

Like one puppy, who has recently joined the force as an unlikely but still important K9 officer.

Meet Beko, the Great Barrington Police Department’s first therapy dog:


Over the summer, the Great Barrington Police Department, in Massachusetts, announced they would be adding a community policing/therapy dog to their K9 unit.

The job went to Beko, an English Labrador Retriever donated by Boonefield Labradors, who donates dogs to police departments.

His handler is Officer Kristopher Balestro, who is thrilled to be working with his adorable new partner:


Beko might be a little puppy, but he’s going to provide a highly important job to his community. As a therapy dog, it is his job to comfort and reduce anxiety in victims and witness of crimes, particularly children.

The department writes that he will “provide comfort for people during times of crisis and to provide aid and comfort to individuals, groups and communities impacted by violence, tragedy or traumatic events.”


Beko will also serve as something of an ambassador between the police department and the community.

Along with Officer Balestro, Beko will visit places like schools, nursing homes and libraries.

“People are more likely to approach a friendly dog, which gives us the chance to have a positive and productive dialog with people,” said Officer Balestro.

In addition, Beko can provide therapeutic relief to police department staff. “The possibilities to serve our fellow officers and community are endless,” they wrote.

But for now, Beko is still in training. He is expected to be sworn in on September 25.

He still has some work ahead of him, but we know once he’s on the job this little guy is going to do great things!


What a great idea! All departments should have a dog like Beko. We can’t wait to see him out there helping his community!

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