Plumber rescues two-day-old puppy after it fell down a bathroom drain

It was around 10 p.m. when Joseph Egan, a plumber with Brisbane Plumbers, received a call about an unusual situation.

“We initially thought this was a prank call but it turned out to be legit,” The Brisbane Plumbers shared on Facebook.

A woman contacted the plumbers in a panic and claimed that her two-day-old puppy had fallen down a drain and was stuck. As a 24/7 operation, Egan went to the woman’s home to see what he could do.

With the use of a camera and careful manipulation, the puppy was freed.

The puppy had reportedly fallen down a floor drain in the family’s bathroom and slide far down before becoming wedged in the pipe. Once the puppy was located and a portion of the drain was cut, Egan was unable to pull the puppy out, but after a few shakes the puppy came out.

“It is nothing short of a miracle that it has survived being stuck down the drain for over 60 mins.”

Since the litter of puppies had not yet been named, the family wanted to give this lucky pup a worthy name. While the children wanted to call it Lucky, the father wanted to call it Dollars because “this puppy has cost me a sh*tload of money.”

Although the father did indicate it was money well spent.

While Dollars would have been an interesting name, it’s been reported that the family settled on Troopie.

Thank you for saving this poor baby! Share this and thank Joseph for returning this puppy to his family.