Georgia Power linemen rescue puppies 'thrown out like trash' in freezing rain

Georgia Power linemen rescue puppies ‘thrown out like trash’ in freezing rain

Shane Porter and his coworkers were finishing up at their job site when one of the men, who work for Georgia Power, returned to the site to retrieve materials that had been left behind.

Just as he was about to get back in the truck, he noticed two puppies run towards the road. Since the puppies seemed scared the men attempted to coax them to safety with a Slim Jim.

“As I got my hands on this one a gentleman showed up behind us with this one in his hands wrapped up in a jacket and said he had just pulled all three of them out of the dumpster around the pond over there,” Porter told 11Alive.

The two females and one male had been “thrown out like trash” in the freezing rain.

Once the linemen corralled all three puppies, they drove them to the Human Society of Northeast Georgia.

“They were covered in filth, their ribs protruding around their bloated bellies, and frightened beyond belief,” the humane society shared on Facebook. “These puppies have gone through enough terror in their short lives.”

Although the puppies seemed to show evidence of intestinal parasites, vets at the humane society said they were otherwise healthy and as long as they didn’t develop any other medical issues they would be ready to adopt very soon.

Thank you to the Georgia Power linemen who rescued these puppies who were thrown out like trash into a dumpster.

Posted by Humane Society of Northeast Georgia on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Humane Society will share updates about the puppies, named David, after the lineman who first spotted the puppies; Jennifer, after David’s wife; and Georgia for the rescuers’ company, on their Facebook page.

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