Pennsylvania shelter gets “Christmas miracle” after emptying shelter for first time in 47 years — congratulations

Animal shelters work so hard, and their work is never done: for every cat or dog who gets adopted out, there is often another stray or rescue taken in, taking their place in the kennel.

But sometimes, shelters get a rare and welcome sight: completely empty kennels. That was the “Christmas miracle” one shelter achieved recently, after becoming dog-free for the first time in decades.

On December 22, the Adams County SPCA, in Pennsylvania, announced that, for the first time in 47 years, they were actually empty: every single dog in their care had been adopted out.

The SPCA called it a “Christmas miracle.” Not only was the milestone achieved just in time for the holidays, but it was a truly miraculous turnaround for the shelter, who said they were “almost filled” just two weeks ago.

But they wrote that the “community stepped up once again,” adopting every animal in the shelter’s care.

“To say that we are beyond excited is an understatement!” the Adams County SPCA wrote on Facebook. “The staff and volunteers have worked VERY hard to take care of the animals in our care and to make sure they got adopted to the right home!”

It’s incredible news following a very busy year for the shelter, who wrote that they adopted out 598 animals and reunited 125 strays with their owners in 2023.

While it was no doubt a relief for the shelter staff to see empty kennels for the first time, the reprieve did not last long as a stray cat came into their care, and they have offered to taken in animals from other local shelters “in hopes of relieving some of their stress.” And there will no doubt be many more rescues and strays coming through their doors throughout this new year.

But while the work of rescuing animals is never truly done, clearing a shelter is an amazing accomplishment and a reminder that their truly is a home out there for every animal.

Congratulations to the Adams County SPCA on clearing their shelter — a true “Christmas miracle.” ❤️ Please share this amazing news!

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