Paralyzed pet dog teaches baby a unique way to crawl in viral video

Is there anything more adorable than the bond between a dog and a baby? Dogs are such sweet and protective animals, especially to the youngest members of the family. And sometimes, dogs and babies rub off on each other in surprising ways, picking up each other’s habits.

That’s what one viral TikTok video shows, as one baby picks up a unique way of “crawling” thanks to his paralyzed pet dog.

Lori Dugas of Port Charlotte, Florida is the owner of a dog named Kahlua, who is paralyzed in her hind legs. The owner explained in a TikTok video that, while living with her original family, Kahlua fell from a three-story balcony and broke her hip and spine.

Kahlua was cared for by a foster family who rehabilitated her, and Lori and her family gave her a forever home.

“She has been an amazing addition to our home… and she is absolutely living her best life,” Lori said. “We are so happy she’s a part of our family.”

Restricted to using only her front paws, Kahlua has a unique way of getting around the house: she hops on her backside, using her front paws to pull herself forward.

And Kahlua’s unique way of getting around has had a big influence on the youngest member of the family, leading to a very sweet viral moment.

Lori has an infant son named Caleb, who is apparently quite close with his pet dog — to the point where he has started to imitate Kahlua.

In a video shared to TikTok, Lori showed the dog “[teaching] the baby how to get around,” with Caleb copying Kahlua’s unique way of scooting around the kitchen:

“Seriously is this why he doesn’t crawl?” Lori wrote in the caption.

The adorable moment soon became a viral hit. The video has over 6.7 million views and over a million likes. People all over the internet fell in love with Kahlua and Caleb’s unique bond

“O my heart,” one comment reads.

“The dog was so happy to show him,” another commenter wrote. “This is adorable.”

“Dogs are too pure for this earth.”

Some people expressed concerns that Kahlua needed a more reliable way of getting around, suggesting a wheelchair.

But Lori says Kahlua does have a set of wheels for running around the neighborhood — the hopping is just her way of getting around while at home.

It’s clear Kahlua has a family that loves her a lot, despite her being disabled. And she definitely has a friend in little Caleb, who clearly looks up to her.

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