Old dog who was left inside vehicle after owner's death finds a new home

Old dog who was left inside vehicle after owner’s death finds a new home

It’s always hard on a pet when their owner passes away, but the experience was even worse for poor dog who ended up trapped and alone.

Luckily, the senior dog was found just in time — and his story now has a happy ending.

A woman in Humboldt County, California noticed a vehicle that had been left on the side of the road. She looked inside, and noticed that a dog had been left inside the car.

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The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office investigated and discovered that the dog, a 15-year-old named Banks, was left alone because his owner had died.

The circumstances around the death are unclear—comments from locals say the owner committed suicide—but the dog was left inside the car just before the man’s death, and was stuck in there for days.

They reached out to the family of Banks’ owner, who asked that they find a home for the dog. Banks went into the care of the Humboldt County Animal Shelter.

They looked for a good home where this old dog could spend his final years… and luckily, it didn’t take too long: a shelter assistant named Jeanette knew of an applicant looking to adopt a senior dog.

After experiencing a tragedy, this “good boy” has a brand-new life and we’re so happy we could help make it…

Posted by Humboldt County Sheriff's Office on Monday, September 21, 2020

It’s a sad story, but in the end was a happy ending for this old dog.

“After experiencing a tragedy, this ‘good boy’ has a brand-new life and we’re so happy we could help make it happen!” the sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook, calling it the “best outcome ever.”

“We are so very proud and touched to do the work that we do here at the shelter providing a safe landing spot for so many pets in need and either getting them back to their owners or on to their new lives,” Jeanette said.

Congrats to Banks on finding a great new home, and thank you to all the people who helped him during this tragedy!

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