Non-pregnant dog starts lactating to save kitten

Michelle Smith works at a shelter for homeless animals in South Carolina, USA. Every day she saves lives and fights for abused and neglected animals.

One day she followed a mysterious dog into the forest and when she saw what the dog had hidden she couldn’t believe her eyes.

A woman alerted animal control services when she heard intense barking for several hours coming from a nearby wooded area.

But what the team discovered when they found the source of the barking filled my heart with warmth.

This is a story that shows the incredible compassion and empathy that animals possess…

Goldie N Kate Doe / Facebook

The heartwarming incident took place in Anderson County, South Carolina.

A woman heard a dog bark incessantly for several hours from a inside some nearby woods, so she decided to sound the alarm to the local animal control services so that someone could investigate what was going on.

Animal Control Officer Michelle Smith responded to the call and when she got to the scene, she was speechless.

She soon found the dog, a Shih Tzu, but Michelle couldn’t catch it.

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Instead, she followed the stressed and worried dog that started to run into a wooded area. Michelle went down a steep slope and entered the forest area. She followed the dog, who crawled into a small bush.

The dog crawled up next to what appeared to be a small puppy. But when Michelle took a closer look, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

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What appeared to be a small puppy was, in fact, a newborn kitten who started to lactate the dog. It quickly became clear that the little dog had adopted the kitten. She had washed, protected, and cared for the kitten for several days.

Michelle immediately picked the two animals and carried them to her car.

When Michelle returned to the shelter, both the kitten and the dog were examined. It turned out that the dog had become pseudopregnan and was able to give milk to the little kitten.

But Michelle suspected that the dog discovered that the milk was not enough to keep the hungry kitten alive. Because she had difficulty carrying the kitten up for the steep and crooked slope, she instead ran for help.

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When the little animals came to the shelter, everyone in the staff agreed on one thing: This cute duo just couldn’t be divided.

So now a couple who were told about the incredible story have decided to adopt both the dog and the kitten.

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The cat and the kitten are now named Goldie and Kate (after actresses Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson). And today Goldie acts like a mother cat to Kate, just like she watched over her in the forest ravine.

I am so happy and grateful that they continue to live together!

Love this sweet pup for saving the tiny kitten and barking til help arrived. And then they got adopted together into a nice home and are living happily ever after.

Anyone who claims that dogs and cats don’t get along can learn a lot from this story. These two are my favorite best friends and I hope they have a long and happy life together.

Wonderful. Smiles all around.

Goldie N Kate Doe / Facebook