New Yorkers get together to donate pet supplies for shelters hit by Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian continues to cause destruction, and people around the country have been finding ways to help out the victims in its path, from kids feeding hurricane evacuees or Americans donating generators to the storm-wrecked Bahamas.

While the human victims are definitely in need of help, it’s also important to remember the animals as well, who are often helpless to defend themselves from the extreme weather. During hurricanes animal shelters are often pushed to the brink, between stray animals needing shelter and lost animals separated from their owners.

Luckily, kindhearted people have stepped up to offer donations to shelters in need… even from a totally different part of the country.

New Yorkers aren’t in the path of Hurricane Dorian, but that hasn’t stopped them from caring about those in the path of the storm.

“We have friends that live in the Carolinas and Florida, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for them because they are all worried,” Long Island resident Bill McClellan told CBS New York.

So when North Shore Animal League in Port Washington asked people to donate supplies for animal shelters in the path of the storm, locals stepped up to help.


Over the Labor Day weekend, people took time out of their days to show up and donate food, water and towels for the shelters.

Soon North Shore’s mobile unit was packed with supplies to be brought down to Florida.


It was a great way for people to directly help with the hurricane preparation. New York was itself devastated by hurricanes like Irene and Sandy just a few years ago, and its residents know how welcome help can be.

“I felt like this was just something I could do that was a concrete thing because you get worried about what might happen,” explained supply donor Suzette Filipski.

“That’s exactly what we do. We help one another,” she added. “No matter where you are from in this country, you want to help others.”


The shelter was stunned and grateful for the widespread support from the community.

“When I see people come out and go out of their way in a storm, that’s remarkable to me,” said Richard Nixon of the North Shore Animal League. “I love that stuff.”

The supply truck will head down to Florida and deliver the supplies to the shelters… but that’s not all: on its return trip it will bring some cats and dogs to New York, helping to relieve the overcrowded rescues.


There are always ways to help out during a hurricane, no matter where you are. Let’s thank these kind donors for helping out these animals in need! Share this story!