Music superstar Kenny Chesney just flew 138 dogs & cats over 1,000 miles: The reason is incredible

2017 was a devastating year for those living on the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean from Texas to Florida and all across the Caribbean.

A series of hurricanes left countless people without water, electricity and in many cases in the Caribbean, even their homes.

One of the people left to pick up the pieces was country music superstar Kenny Chesney. His home on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands was completely destroyed during Hurricane Irma.

Kenny knows that he’s better off than most of his community and he also appreciates what his neighbors have done for him over the 20 years since he started spending time there. So he decided to pay back the island’s kindness and help his neighbors get back on their feet.

In September, Kenny started a charity called Love for Love City. The idea was to help people affected by Irma rebuild their lives and their homes. He donated money and invited others to join him in the effort. But it wasn’t easy.

“Getting supplies in is hard. Finding places for workers to stay is even harder now that Hurricane Maria has done so much damage to St. Croix,” Chesney wrote in a press release last fall. “Because it’s so hard to get even the basic supplies in, let alone the news media, people really aren’t seeing how devastating these hurricanes have been.”

Kenny Chesney / Facebook

Still, Kenny managed to get money, food, medical supplies, generators and much to those affected.

And as with any natural disaster, humans weren’t the only ones affected. Animals had it perhaps even worse in the aftermath of the hurricanes. Some were trapped in building and unable to get out, others were buried under rubble and still others were separated from their families in all the chaos.

Now, Kenny has just done something for many of the dogs and cats that became homeless on St. Thomas and St. John last year. He made the rescue of more than 100 dogs and cats possible.

kenny chesney
Big Dog Ranch Rescue / Facebook

A second chance in life

On February 27, together with Big Dog Ranch Rescue and Halo Rescue, Kenny had 138 dogs and cats flown to Palm Beach International Airport in Florida, as part of an effort to give them all a second chance in life.

The use of a plane was donated to the cause, Kenny paid for the fuel and animal rescue workers were waiting in Palm Beach to welcome the new arrivals.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue / Facebook

Once in Florida, the animals were given medical treatment and as soon as they’re given a clean bill of health, they’ll be ready to be adopted into loving homes.

After the successful mission, Big Dog Ranch Rescue went on Facebook and thanked Kenny and the team for their kindness and generosity.

“Thank you Kenny Chesney, Jill and everyone at Love for Love City for caring about these precious dogs and puppies. Many will be ready for loving homes at Big Dog Ranch Rescue.”

Watch this video to see all 138 animals arrive in the US and learn how you can adopt a Kenny Chesney rescue pet of your own here:

We think that more people should know about Kenny’s amazing efforts to help these animals. Not only did he save 138 dogs and cats from an uncertain fate, his kind act is sure brighten the lives of everyone who adopts them.

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