Megan the dog hears her master’s whistle, takes a step into the tall grass and goes hopping mad

To be a dog running through a field, completely free with all that space, must be a wonderful feeling. It’s also great to watch them enjoying their natural habitat and being at one with nature.

Dogs get so excited at all the new sights and smells of an unfamiliar area and the pure joy they experience can often be infectious.

For Megan the Lurcher, she had a rather extraordinary reaction when she ran through a field of tall grass to reach her owner. The video below has got everybody laughing at this dog’s odd style.


Lurcher dogs originated in Ireland and are any cross with a greyhound. They can run fast and are commonly used by poachers but according to Paws Animal Rescue they are just as comfortable snuggling on the couch with their owner.

Image Source: YouTube/RumbleViral

Perfect pair

Lurchers love running and being outside surrounding by nature and Megan was no different. She lives on a large farm with her owners and best friend Molly, a small Jack Russell Terrier.

In comparison to Megan, Molly is tiny and so has trouble keeping up with her long-legged friend, but that doesn’t seem to stop her. The two seem like the perfect pair!

Image Source: YouTube / RumbleViral

Megan’s doggy dad was on the other side of the field calling his two four-legged friends. When he blew his whistle they took off right into the tall grass.

Watching Megan’s reaction while running through this tall grass, you’d think that she’d forgotten she was a dog. It’s a very strange way to get to your owner but she’s so excited.


Joyous sight

Megan looks like a cross between a kangaroo and a rabbit; she clearly loved being in the tall grass of the crop field and I hope that’s not the first time she gets to enjoy her happy place.

Watch the beautiful video of Megan and Molly below. Her happiness is infectious.

Megan has so much energy! What a wonderful reaction to nature. Share this story with your friends if her hopp-iness made you happy!